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When it comes to artificial plants, silk is the preferred material for an authentic look. The natural luminosity of this material as well as its versatility allows silk artisans to mimic the look of real plants so closely that only by touching the plant will you be able to tell the difference. Silk plants and flower arrangements have the benefit of not only looking as good as real plants, but of looking better over time. Silk flowers never wilt, and the branches of silk trees never go limp. Plus, you never have to remember to water them or deal with pesky insects.

At All Natural Silk Flowers, we understand the need to surround yourself with nature. The vibrant colors of plant life reminds you of the beauty of the world and helps you feel more connected to nature, even in your concrete office building. We provide silk plant options for all tastes, from the popular rose to exotic trees. We also carry a special line of silk arrangements supported in Liquid Illusion - a type of artificial water that adds another touch of authenticity to the look of your plants. To complete the atmosphere of your home, we carry faux fruit and other floral decor to use as centerpieces or to bring life to your office.
We also stock Real Touch silk plants, which feel as authentic as they look.



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